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How To Set Up A Bandsaw Properly: The Ultimate Guide

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Many people consider the bandsaw useful only in the woodshop for rough work like resawing timber or cutting shapes to a rough approximation before cutting to the final shape. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How to Set Up a Bandsaw Properly: The Ultimate Guide. Setting up a bandsaw includes: following safety practices, tuning, installing the blade tensioning the blade, aligning the guides and aligning the table and fence. When you follow these steps, you have a great tool you can operate safely.

When properly tuned and setup, a bandsaw can be an incredibly versatile tool. 

Once you master a few simple steps, your bandsaw may well become one of your most-used woodworking tools.

This how to set up a bandsaw properly is the ultimate guide to getting your bandsaw to perform to its full ability.

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