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16*0.9*8/12 Bi-metal band saw blades

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Bi-metal band saw blades

It suitable for hard wood and metal cutting, because it uses available feature and tooth designs, and flexible high carbon and alloy steel for blade body to prevent breaking. Teeth use HSS( HIGH SPEED STEEL)M42 to improve cutting life and fatigue resistance.

Normally size: 0.6*13mm, 0.9*16mm, 0.9*19mm, 0.9*27mm, 1.1*34mm, 1.3*41mm, 1.6*54mm, 1.6*67mm, 1.6*80mm

Teeth pitch: 10/14, 8/12, 6/10, 5/8, 4/6, 3/4, 2/3, 1.4/2

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